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We use only plant based PG!

Vapor Flavor manufactures state of the art concentrated vapor flavor for use with the electronic cigarette and to make e-liquid. We are not just "brokers" so we never dilute our product.  Our concentrated vapor flavor can be purchased in bulk such as by the gallon, five gallon pail and drum  and shipped world wide.  We only sell vapor flavor wholesale. Beyond wholesale vapor flavor we offer Flavor by Numbers  technology whereby we teach you how to create over 145 vapor flavors with 40 basic flavors.  The ability to blend flavors helps our customers tremendously because it helps them not have to invest in 145 different vapor flavors, only 40 basic ones-such as vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, which are always popular by themselves.  So with Flavor by Numbers you always have your base flavors also.  With the Flavor by Numbers system you can also create your own stunning concentrated flavors.  Call us at 813*331*3333


Why Bio-Based PG?  Plant based propylene glycol also known as bio-based PG is the newest and most innovative way to go green.  We do not use petrol based pg to solve our flavor compounds and the first flavor manufacturer to use plant based PG in our formulas. We also only use organic USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin which is also a compound sourced from renewable materials.
Typically our water based concentrated vapor flavor has no color other than what may come naturally to the flavor, such as strawberry having a slight pink tint.  
Our concentrated vapor flavor use is typically 10% when flavoring PG (propylene glycol) but some of our customers do use over 10% because of they may be using mainly VG in their blend (vegetable glycerin) and flavoring VG can be as high as 20%.  Why? Vegetable glycerin is a much bigger molecule than propylene glcyol. Our flavors do not contain diacetyl.  Because we are botanists and herbalist first and foremost before we became flavorists-and so we are looking at the viability of vaping Eucalyptus, Peppermint, even Rose for their beneficial properties on the lungs.  
Regarding vaping herbs and botanicals there is some wrongful literature on the Internet, such as trying to vape thyme essential oil.  Many thyme varieties contain thujones which can be toxic.  So, no, you cannot just stick anything in and vape away.  And essential oils directly into any atomizer tends to ruin the atomizer.  This is another reason you need water based vaping materials.  So yes, herbs are beneficial, but you need to consult an educated person before you vape just anything.

When making e-juice or e-liquid, your base is typically vegetable glycerin as this offer the most smoke cloud. Organic vegetable glycerin USP grade is best.  USP grade means Pharmaceutical grade.  We like vegetable glycerin as it is a great humectant to skin and gives back elasticity that smoking tobacco can rob from a persons lungs.  Vegetable glycerin also contains enough natural alcohol it operates as an anti-microbial. This is why most e-liquid formulas do not need a preservative.  The same is true for propylene glycol.  Propylene glycol is not good when dumped in the Gulf of Mexico as a solution to an oil spill - but Propylene glycol is also a great antimicrobial and used to keep sanitary conditions in places that need it and considered a humectant.  PG has no real taste and VG is sweet, so we do prefer VG when possible.  Very few formulators use water now in their e-liquid, but distilled water is used if they do.  If they do, distilled water should not exceed 30% the recipe as water, in and of itself, is not antimicrobial and needs some check mate, such as PG or VG.